Tim Leigh – November Finished Stock Report

OF&G Market Report November 2023

Organic Prime Beef Cattle

The trade for quality prime organic heifers and steers continues to strengthen marginally. Prices have definitely  firmed as the supply has tightened in past weeks. In some cases cattle had done well on early autumn grass only to be knocked back by the incredibly wet weather we have since experienced.

Forage stocks are on the whole in good supply, the quality of the forage is very variable.

The New Year would look to hold similar or better levels of price depending on continued or improved retail demand.

Organic Cull Cows

Cull cow prices have eased back from the dizzy heights we experienced mid summer. The demand is still reasonable but the numbers coming forward are proving more than currently required thus weakening the trade.

The prices for cows both conventional and organic will likely strengthen into the New Year and often improve with colder weather.

Average R4L Organic UTM in spec @ 530p/kg deadweight

Average R4L Organic OTM Cow in spec @ 350p/kg deadweight

Finished Lambs

Lamb prices have strengthened in the past few weeks. There is generally this time of the year a few retailer promotions for the Christmas period which push things on. Also with many areas of the country experiencing very wet weather, lambs have struggled to finish which has created a lull in the supply coming on to the market.

The price is expected to get better in the New Year, lambs will undoubtedly be harder to source the closer we get to the spring. All of which could contribute to similar levels or even stronger prices than we experienced last spring.

Average R3L organic NSL in spec @ 600p/kg