Organic Store Cattle

The Organic Livestock Marketing Co-operative provide a service throughout the UK, to market organic store cattle and have over 50 regular store buyers.

OLMC market all types of store cattle from the traditional native breeds of Angus, Hereford, North Devon and Welsh Black to the modern Continental breeds such as Charolais and Limousin, and also dairy bred cattle. We are also able to market TB restricted cattle to dedicated organic AFU’s and Isolation units.

After the cattle are booked in with us they are assessed by one of our field staff. A price is quoted, and the cattle are sold to an organic finisher. Whenever feasible the cattle are sold to a buyer as close to the producer as possible to reduce “food miles”.

Before the cattle are collected the deal is confirmed in writing with both parties and the haulage is arranged by a member of the OLMC staff. Payment is made by OLMC 14 days after collection. The price is based on the regional market averages that are carefully monitored by OLMC, plus an organic premium. The aim is always to return a fair price to the producer, recognising that there are extra costs involved with producing organic store cattle, whilst selling store cattle to finishers that can show a good return.

OLMC staff possess a wealth of knowledge of organic beef production and can give advice on marketing, breeding and all aspects of livestock management.

With the benefit of an extensive and evolving database OLMC can effectively target market existing and potential customers.