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Organic Livestock Marketing Company

About Us


OLMC has now grown into probably the largest organic livestock marketing co-operative in the UK handling a significant proportion of finished beef, lamb and store stock. We believe that central to this continued growth is our decision taken to contract in specialist resources and abilities from other Companies, particularly in marketing, stock procurement, sales and financial controls. This allows us to provide a professional service nationwide, whilst at the same time keeping operating costs to a minimum. It has an elected Board of Directors representing all aspects of organic livestock production and the meat industry.

The Co-operative

About Organic CattleOLMC is constituted as a Members’ Co-operative. Organic livestock producers are invited to join by purchasing one share. The running costs of the co-operative are met by a commission charge on sales of members stock.

By joining, producers will benefit from our professional range of services. They will also help to prevent the fragmentation of the market, which has done so much damage in the past to conventional producers.

In its development OLMC has established aims and principles that have proven to be of value to both its membership and customers and which include

OLMC Marketing Services and Benefits

  • OLMC provides national coverage for the marketing of organic beef and lamb and has a structured approach to the marketing of organic livestock. In addition, it operates a proactive strategy in the procurement and sales of store stock, both beef and lamb.
  • OLMC gives you the opportunity to have a presence in all sectors of the organic meat market, mainly multiple retail, independent retail, butchers and processing. For many of our major customers OLMC is already accepted as their first choice supplier.
  • OLMC has a policy of fourteen days payment for all its members’ livestock with 100% insurance policy against bad debt.
  • OLMC offers professional technical advice and provides regular feedback on the performance of individual members’ livestock (analysis and comparatives of carcass grades and weights etc.).
  • OLMC has, apart from its own membership, a clear policy of working with other organic producer groups to help minimise fragmentation of the supply chain. It also has a supportive approach toward co-operating with producers, whether they are large or small.

Mission Statement

About Organic CattleOLMC provides its members with an organised system for the sale and purchase of organically produced stock with a view to handling a major share of the market.

It aims to benefit members by the negotiation of prices and contracts, and by the development of improved networks of abattoirs, processors, hauliers, wholesalers and retailers committed to the sale of organic meat.

The co-operative progresses the interests of its members by developing technical and market intelligence and other services, operating to the highest quality standards to enhance the image of organic meat to both buyers and consumers.

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