Peter Jones – November Store Stock Report

Finished cattle prices continue to hold albeit with a slight drop at the end of October. The ROI price is almost £1.00 per kg lower than the UK price which is a concern. The organic price seems to be holding up well although there now seems to be a decline in the difference between the conventional price and the organic price. This is not a reflection on the unpopularity of organic meat but it is an indication of the strength of the conventional price at the moment. Going forward I predict prices to hold well into the New Year.

Store prices again, continue to hold, despite the fact that we have now reached the end of the main autumn buying period. We are now taking orders for grazing cattle in the spring, last year we were swamped with orders and did not fulfil everyone’s requirements. I’m confident this year, that provided we get orders in early enough, we should have adequate supplies, but we do need to know well in advance of what you are looking for.

Store lamb prices continue to be very buoyant with numbers seasonably short. Prospects for hog prices look favourable post Christmas as supplies look like being tight.