Tim Leigh – February 2024 Finished Stock Report


by Peter Jones and Tim Leigh

Most areas of the country are enjoying what seems to be endless rain resulting in the ground being saturated for long periods of time. This is having a retrograde effect on soil structure and the roots of grass and arable crops as they lie in a lot of cases, continually underwater and literally drowning. It is to be hoped the rain will ease off and the ground dry out and give us an early spring for the soil to recover. The wet weather is also having an adverse effect in store lamb growth as they are subjected to the wet and cold conditions. In a lot of cases growth rates are behind where they should be. The cattle and sheep trade continues to be very buoyant with prices well in front of last year’s levels. This trend is likely to continue particularly with good stocks of forage on hand. Last summer was a good grazing summer and cattle did well, this is giving producers confidence to start buying cattle for spring turnout. We already have a number of large orders in the pipeline, so supplies of 300 – 400 cattle are required. Bigger store cattle are also in demand in some cases we have a waiting list of feeders looking for bigger cattle to finish indoors. David and I are always available for advice on store cattle and store lamb production and marketing, we are happy to talk to any producers wanting to discuss the prospects for 2024 onwards.

Contact the office on 01829 730580 or: Peter Jones: 07720 892922 David Bostock; 07734 808050


Organic Prime Beef Cattle As some had predicted tightening of supplies into the New Year has seen a boost in prices, demand remains fairly good for the period directly after Christmas. Generally, stock coming forward is well finished and for the most part hitting specification. Stocks of food should see finishers through the winter months and into the spring.

Average R4L Organic UTM in spec @ 560p/kg deadweight

Organic Cull Cows

The New Year has seen greater demand for cows, numbers are steady but by no means excessive. This has fueled a healthy increase in price throughout January. Further wintery weather will inevitably keep this trade strong for the time being, as more processing beef is required by the consumer.

Average R4L Organic OTM Cow in spec @ 3.95/kg deadweight.


A slow start to the year, many challenges for finishers in the very wet and then cold weather. A welcome spell of cold and dry has pushed lambs on and we are now seeing an increase in demand from the processors. Numbers will tighten as we move towards the spring and the price will hopefully strengthen.

Average R3L organic NSL in spec @ 610p/kg Finished Stock Marketing office: 01763 250313 / olmc@olmc.co.uk Tim Leigh: 07850 366404 /James Doel: 07741 248928