Organic Store Stock Report July 2022

In most areas of the UK the persistent dry weather has brought grass growth to a standstill, this is more evident in the South of the country. Northern England and Scotland have so far, had enough rain to maintain grass growth. Although the grassland looks sparse it is surprising how cattle do well in dry conditions and provided they have enough acres to go at they will find grass that will  be high in dry matter and enough to sustain their feed requirements. 

We do though need rain and as I write there is little forcasted. This should in theory bring cattle prices down but with few cattle on the market the trade looks stagnant. If you are running out of grass and need to reduce stocking rates please let us know if you have cattle to sell. We can sell cattle into areas that still have grass.

The store lamb season has started early this year with a number of batches being booked in and store lamb buyers are gearing up to take lambs early. It is a great help to us if we can have adequate notice of what you have available. I have been carefully monitoring store lamb prices now that the sales have started and it would seem from early sales that store lambs will be slightly below last years levels.

We continue to have demand for organic dairy stock, particularly for cows and heifers in milk or calving in the near future.

For all your organic store cattle, store lambs and dairy stock please contact:

Peter Jones – office 01829 730 580 / mob 07720 892 922

David Bostock – office 01829 730 580 / mob 07734 808 050