OLMC finished stock Marketing Report July 2022

Prime Cattle

The cattle turned out early stood still for a while and have since moved on positively as the grass grew. Where grazed on ley mixtures and legume mixtures, cattle still seem to be doing well. Many have taken reasonable cuts of forage with the hope of favourable weather helping with some regrowth. But as we turn to hot and dry conditions, cattle grazers will undoubtedly be challenged by shortage of grass as it burns off. Prices remain fairly static, numbers coming on the market are increasing. Abattoir demand looks to be patchy over the summer holidays which could cause some hold up in getting stock away.

Average R4L Organic UTM in spec @ 510p/kg deadweight

Cull cow

The cull cow price continues to be at higher levels than we have previously experienced. Swift demand for processing meat continues, fueling cull cow prices in both the conventional and organic sector. We could see it ease off in the next few weeks if demand slows. But numbers still remain tight which would likely put the brakes on the price sliding back too much.

Average R4L Organic OTM Cow in spec @ 430p/kg deadweight


The New season lambs were slow to start due to an initial slow growth in grass for the ewes. Rain and a warm spell pushed things on a pace to a point of overwhelming amounts of grass for some producers. Lambs have done well since with weights and grades on the whole being very good.

We look to be heading for a period of little rainfall and grass is burning off in many areas. This will inevitably slow lamb growth and flow of lamb supplies coming forward should this weather pattern be sustained.

Average R3L organic NSL in spec @ 665p/kg