Organic store report for OF&G – March 2022

The cattle and sheep trade continue to be very strong after over 12 months of rising prices.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine signifies a huge political shock to markets in a long time. The consequences for world agricultural markets is significant. Looking ahead the immediate effect on trade is the rising cost of fuel and grain prices – wheat is already up 50%. Amidst the world of uncertainty beef and lamb prices and demand remain strong with organic producers continuing to enjoy good returns.

Dairy cow and heifer prices have eased over the last few weeks as producers react to increased input costs. Organic store cattle continue to be in very strong demand from graziers who seem to have started their spring buying earlier than most years with still plentiful supplies of winter feed available. Finishing cattle, again are in strong demand from finishers.

We are short of organic store cattle and will be for the next 2 months. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are quite happy to discuss your options with no obligation or commitment.


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