The cattle and sheep trade continues to be very strong.

Organic dairy heifers are in demand throughout the country with prices ranging from £1,800.00 – £2,200.00 for quality Fr/Holstein type heifers.  Smaller cross bred grazing heifers are in the £1,300.00 – £1,600.00 price range.

The strong trade seems to be driven by industry “experts”, predicting a rise in milk prices in the next six months and a world-wide shortfall in milk supplies.  The organic cattle trade again continues to be strong, with producers receiving better than expected returns for their finished cattle.  This along with adequate supplies of forage is keeping store cattle prices very buoyant, with demand being outstripped by supply particularly for bigger good quality cattle, although concentrate prices are challenging some finishers.

Confidence again appears strong in the sheep sectors on the back of two good years defying all the potential challenges of Brexit.

We do live in a time of uncertainty and the last two years have been as uncertain as most of us can remember.

Its clear to me that the next 12 months to 2 years will continue to be uncertain.  There are all sorts of threats and opportunities, the theory of economics is simple, prices can go up, come down or stay the same.  My prediction is that things will remain uncertain!!

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For Dairy and TB restricted cattle contact:

David Bostock: 07734 808 050

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