Organic Store Stock Report

After a dry start to the spring, we have finally had a reasonable amount of rain in most regions. As a result the grass has started growing, particularly in the west and north of the country. This has settled producers concerns that we were heading for another drought.

Cattle numbers continue to be low particularly in the organic sector, with both store cattle and finished cattle numbers on the market lower than in recent years. Two successive years of low calf registrations has been the main contributory factor to the decreased numbers. Industry analysts are predicting the reduced numbers will persist for at least another 12 months.

This would indicate that both store cattle producers and finishers’ returns will persist at the levels for some time, but it should not be forgotten that inflation and the rising cost of living could well have a downward pull on consumer demand and therefore prices.

The rising grain prices will also be of concern to producers, particularly those that finish organic cattle. The need to breed cattle that convert forage efficiently (native breeds) is of importance to the organic systems.

The effects of TB and the strong price of organic milk have led to a high demand for dairy stock, particularly cows and heifers in milk. This is likely to continue and we have lucrative outlets for dairy cows and heifers.

As we head into the late summer and autumn, we will be looking for more supplies of store lambs to meet our long term demand for feeders so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your marketing options for lambs. We are able to market all types of lambs and breeding stock.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have stock available and want to discuss your marketing options.

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