OLMC Store Stock Report

There has been a surge in cattle numbers on the market from late December into early January and these cattle have been sold on a very strong trade. Cattle have come onto the market mainly from areas that experienced the long summer drought and have been sold into areas where there are still adequate forage stocks still available. The demand has been strong and prices high, mainly due to the very buoyant finished price that has continued to rise into January, when we would normally see a stable if not subdued price.

I reported in the last newsletter that smaller cattle were in less demand, however we now see an uptake in graziers requiring smaller, 300 – 400 kg cattle, a trend that will continue to grow as we approach spring.

It’s hard to see where store prices will go in the next six months but as I highlighted in my last report, we are seeing a reduction in breeding stock, particularly amongst organic producers.

The sheep trade remains subdued, and store lambs, as you would expect, are now almost sold.

We are always happy to discuss your marketing options for any class of stock.

For all your organic store cattle, store lambs and dairy stock please contact:

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