Finished Stock Trading Report

Prime Cattle
The trade for prime organic cattle remains firm. As we push into the summer, we
could see shorter supplies which should help hold or possibly increase current
Generally, the quality of stock going through OLMC has been good, we have seen
lighter weights in general, possibly as a result of the challenges of last summer’s
grazing period.
Average R4L Organic UTM in spec @ 530p/kg deadweight
Cull cow
The cow prices have strengthened, numbers remain short and demand is good. The
trade has possibly reached the top, but could have a little more to go should cow
numbers really drop off.
Average R4L Organic OTM Cow in spec @ 450/kg deadweight
The last couple of months has been a bit of a roller coaster for lamb prices. When
they did eventually improve the price moved forward quickly. It has now stabilised
and abattoirs will start to focus on new season lamb rather than hogget’s in the next
few weeks.
Average R3L organic OSL in spec @ 660p/kg
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