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Alex Joynson

Board member

Alex was born and raised on his family’s 250 acre mixed farm in Kent where they had cereals, dairy, pigs, top fruit and soft fruit. After completing an NCA at Hadlow College Alex went on to study for a 2 year agricultural diploma at the RAC. Throughout this time he worked on his parents farm and in the summer, on other local farms.

After college Alex spent a year working and travelling in New Zealand and after returning to the UK took a VSO posting in Kiribati growing vegetables on a coral atoll. On his return Alex took on a partnership at Hyam Farm a 460 acre mixed farm in north Wiltshire, which he then inherited in 1990, running it as a cereal and sheep farm for many years before converting to organic in 1999. On going organic the cereals and sheep were reduced and a suckler herd was set up.

Alex is now running 65 simmental x stabilizer cows to a simmental bull keeping prodgeny to finishing. The sheep are all New Zealand romneys with 520 going to tup this year.

120 acres of cereals wheat oats and barley are grown in rotation with herbal or clover grass leys. In the last few years Alex has taken on another 260 acres of permanant pasture.