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Organic Livestock Marketing Company

Organic Store Cattle and Breeding Stock

The Store Stock Office provides:

  • Outlets for beef store stock (for producers) and a selection of beef store stock (for finishers).
  • Advice to producers and finishers on production methods and the type of stock to produce.
  • Marketing advice – best age and size to sell to meet finisher’s requirements.
  • Advice to finishers on pricing and availability.
  • Setting up partnerships between specific producers and finishers.

Organic Producers: Information for Producers wishing to market Store Stock

  • Book in stock for sale with as much information as possible and with as much notice as possible.
  • Arrange for a visit by a fieldsman to view the stock. (Stock may need to be collected into a suitable viewing area.)
  • Have organic paperwork (Certification Certificate etc) and statutory documents (Passports) available for inspection.
  • Cattle are sold on a weight basis.

Organic Finishers: Information for Finishers wishing to buy Store Stock

  • Notify the Store Stock office of requirements both long term and short term.
  • Contact us for advice on availability and prices.
  • Cattle can be viewed on photographs by post or e mail.
  • Cattle sold on a weight basis buyer pays haulage on “at cost” basis.
  • Arrange for a visit from a fieldsman for further advice.

Please follow this link to look at the Stores OLMC have to offer

Type of Organic Stock required

Whilst OLMC endeavour to market all the store stock booked in to its store stock office, the emphasis is on improving the quality of stock available.

The bulk of finishers are looking for cattle that will grade R and better. This means only using bulls of high EBV’s and maintaining quality cows of good genetics and types.

Some dairy bred stores are required by finishers but again the emphasis is on quality with well grown on 400 to 450 kg steers and heifers being preferred. There are now some outlets for black and white steers.

Every farm and its circumstances are different and we can give some individual advice on the type of cattle to produce to suit your farming system.

To contact the Store Stock Office :

Peter Jones 
Bowmere House
Birch Heath Road
Cheshire CW6 9UU

Tel: 01829-730580
Fax: 01829-730597
Mobile: 07720-892922

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