Popularity in the lamb trade versus a decline in the vegan taste for ‘meat’

There there has been an increase in the number of lambs processed over the last month, reflecting the popularity of ‘home-grown’ lamb.

Meanwhile shoppers are losing their taste for vegan ‘meat’.

According to the consumer affairs editor of the Daily Mail, vegan and vegetarian alternatives to red meat are plunging in popularity.

Retailers are cutting back on their ranges of plant-based food. The value of sales fell by 6.3% according to industry analyst NIQ.

Quorn has lost 3.1 million in sales, Linda McCartney Foods & Cauldron have also suffered a decline in sales.

Beyond Meat, a plant-based brand which had won plaudits for its meaty taste & texture has seen its global revenues drop by 9% in the third quarter, leading it to cut a fifth of its work force.