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OLMC Newsletter July 2018

OLMC Organic Livestock Trends – July 2018

The organic cattle trade has fallen slightly in the past weeks. The heatwave and World Cup helped increase demand with a large increase in the number of burgers being sold, leading to abattoirs looking for more stock which eased the waiting time for many producers as cattle came ready. However, meat sales have now gone back to their seasonal averages with a reasonable number of stock still coming forward due to lack of grazing, resulting weakening in the price.

The demand for organic cull cows has eased back a little and producers are looking to move a few out as forage stocks shorten and the dry weather continues. The result is a weakening in the trade.

New season organic lambs have enjoyed a good trade this year even as the grass disappears and as the forage gets short the lambs seem to be doing reasonably well. Lamb growth was slow to start with many producers reporting lambs being at least two weeks behind other years.

Average R4L Organic UTM Cattle in spec @ 430p /kg deadweight.

Average R4L Organic OTM Cow in spec @ 295p/ kg deadweight.

Average R3L organic NSL in spec @ 440p/kg deadweight.

For further information on the marketing of finished stock please call Tim Leigh on 01763 250313 or mobile 07850 366404.

At the time of writing it is baking hot, there is very little rain and a shortage of grass everywhere. Young cattle are doing surprisingly well on what looks like no grass but in some cases heavier cattle are needing to be fed outside.

If we get rain at the end of August into September we can expect some massive crops of grass due to the ground being warm and the soil will be full of nutrients. The grain harvest worldwide is not record breaking but it is OK. Some feel that grain prices could be sky high this year but others predict only slightly higher prices than last year. However, stocks of forage are bound to be down onlast year’s levels and the extent of this will depend on grass growth in September and October.Maize yields and other feeding crops so far look reasonable.

UK straw crops look to be good and baled mostly in perfect conditions. In some cases the shorter length of the straw is bound to have a slightly depressed yield but this should be compensated by the good baling conditions and minimum wastage. Currently it would be a fair prediction that organic store prices will be lower than last year but there still appears to be a strong sale and demand market.

We would encourage you to seek advice on the marketing of organic store cattle and the increasing strong demand we have for organic dairy stock.

For further information on store cattle contact Peter Jones on 01829 730580 or mobile 07720 892922 and dairy stock contact David Bostock on 01829 735080 mobile 07734 808050.

We would also encourage you to visit our web site www.peterjoneslivestock.co.uk

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