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OLMC Marketing Newsletter May 2018

OLMC will be staging an organic seminar at the Beef Expo event being held at Shrewsbury Auction Market on the 25thMay 2018.

The seminar entitled “Organic Beef Production and Marketing” is the third organic seminar we have hosted at the annual event which is held at different venues throughout the UK.  This year we have managed to secure some very high profile speakers and we look forward to their presentations.  The speakers include Simon Tomlinson, OLMC Chairman and Director of OMSCO, Stevan Feehan, Group Livestock Manager for ABP, Richard Thompson, Chairman of O F & G, Richard Smith, Senior Manager at Daylesford Organics, Tim Leigh, OLMC Finished Stock Manager and Clare Hill, Agricultural Strategy Manager at FAI Farms.

The seminar will provide informative discussion on the techniques, opportunities, practicalities and benefits of organic beef production.

Meanwhile in the market place the demand for organic store cattle to graze continues to be strong despite a disappointing finished price.  After a late Spring grass has suddenly burst into growth and demand is reflecting that heavier cattle to finish in the summer months are also in demand.

We also have demand for organic dairy cattle in all areas.  David Bostock manages the organic dairy stock and can be contacted through the office on 01829 730580 or mobile 07734 808050

Please ring us if you have any store cattle for sale or wanted.  Contact Peter Jones on 01829 730580 or mobile 07720 892922.  We would also encourage you to visit our web site www.olmc.co.uk.

The organic cattle trade has continued to be difficult with many abattoirs having reduced kill numbers which has led to a back log of animals waiting for slaughter.  However, this situation is easing a little and should get better as the warmer weather arrives and demand for beef hopefully improves. Keeping on top of ages of your cattle is crucial at this time as killing space is at a premium at abattoirs.  In most cases extra cattle are not currently being accepted.

The demand for organic cull cows has remained strong during the past few months and this trade looks to continue during the early Summer months.

Average R4L Organic UTM in spec @ 420p/kg deadweight

Average R4L Organic OTM Cow in spec @ 320p/kg deadweight

A very slow growing and cold start to Spring has held organic hoggets back which has created a shortage in supply.  However with the warmer weather numbers are improving and it was good to see prices increasing over the Easter period.  Currently hoggets still remain in short supply and prices remain strong.

Average R3L Organic OSL in spec @ 585p/kg deadweight

For further information on the marketing of finished stock please call Tim Leigh on 01763 250313 or mobile 07850 366404.

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