Peter Jones πŸ–Š July Organic Store Stock Report

The 2023 grazing season in most areas, has so far been much more productive than last year. Some areas, particularly mid and South Wales and the West Country have been dry but even these areas have had rainfall in the last 10 days.

Silage and hay yields, so far, have been good and will ensure adequate forage supplies this winter. Similarly arable crops look in good condition and providing they don’t experience rain damage, yields should be good.

The finished price is easing back weekly, albeit from a record-breaking post Christmas high. Although demand for store cattle remains high and prices good, we are seeing a slight drop-off in prices, reflecting the trend in finished prices. Overall cattle numbers are short, particularly in the organic sector and for this reason I do not see a major drop-off in price as we head into the autumn.

We are still a bit early for Producers looking for store lambs but I predict good demand in the next month. Please book your store lambs in as early as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact Peter Jones or David Bostock to discuss the best way to sell your cattle and store lambs.

πŸ“ž Peter Jones – office 01829 730 580 / mob 07720 892 922

πŸ“ž David Bostock – office 01829 730 580 / mob 07734 808 050