Tim Leigh 🖊OLMC finished stock Marketing Report July 2023

📍 Prime Cattle

The current trade for finished cattle seems to be holding its own. Unfortunately, demand has weakened slightly and most abattoirs report that their books are for the most part full until September. Grass crops that have seen the rain continue to offer feed in front of the cattle, hopefully seeing them through until the autumn.

Average R4L Organic UTM in spec @ 543p/kg deadweight

📍 Cull cow

The trade for cull cows has fallen back in the past few weeks. Demand for processing meat has eased off a little and cow numbers entered for slaughter have slightly increased. This is mirrored In the conventional sector also where increase cow numbers seems to be more significant currently.

Average R4L Organic OTM Cow in spec @ 410/kg deadweight

📍 Lamb

Initially the new season lambs were slow to come forward, the last few weeks has seen bigger groups coming ready and the price taking its seasonal dip backwards.

Weights have been good and the finishing has been for the most part hitting abattoir specifications.

Average R3L organic NSL in spec @ 630p/kg

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