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Welcome to the Organic Livestock Marketing Co-operative Website

OLMC was founded in 1996 by a handful of dedicated organic livestock producers determined to secure a future for their product in a competitive national market.

OLMC was formed as a member controlled co-operative with two main aims:

  • To ensure growth of the organic market.
  • To ensure organic producers get the best possible return for their livestock.

Our business has grown steadily over recent years. Membership also continues to grow as more and more farmers recognise the benefits of marketing their organic livestock through the OLMC. We are a national organisation and currently we have over 350 livestock producer members.

OLMC supplies a wide range of outlets with organic meat. Through our immediate customers we supply many of the UK’s major retail outlets of organic meat including some of the supermarket chains. In addition, we also supply smaller butcher’s businesses as an integral part of our policy to grow the UK market for organic meat.

OLMC today is the main body sourcing and marketing organic livestock in the UK.

OLMC is a major Pledgor in the Organic UK campaign and has a seat on the Marketing Sub-Committee. The main purpose of this Committee is to discuss, agree and deliver a generic marketing campaign within the UK for organics up to the end of 2013.

OLMC considers that this hands on involvement to be potentially of great value to its members in securing a more robust future among consumers and within the organic market place as a whole. For further detail of the campaign access www.organicuk.org.

OLMC is also a member of the Organic Trade Board.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

For an OLMC information pack contact ralph.human@olmc.co.uk or telephone 01409 281365.


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